Concentrat scorțișoară - cofeina cu ciocolata

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Visible results after first treatment!

100% Cinnamon And Caffeine Concentrate With Chocolate is a preparation which redeces a cellulite.

It is destined for home treatments "body wrapping.

The concentrate contains maximum amounts of cinnamon, orange peel and clove oils, and caffeine,

which are the most effective available substances reducing the under skin fat cells, responsible for cellulite formation.

Chocolate is a rich source of carbohydrates, protein, fibre and flavonoids, as well as many vitamins and microelements, such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, E, PP, magnesium and iron. Used on skin it hydrates it and ….and sculpts the silhouette thanks to the caffeine contained in cocoa beans. Additionally it reduces swelling, firms and nourishes the skin, improves its colouring and slows the aging process.



The effects of the use of BingoSpa concentrate:

  • improvement of elasticity,
  • moisturized and smooth skin,
  • improvement of firmness,
  • cellulite reduction

How to use:

Do the allergy test - apply a small amount of the concentrate onto the skin of your forearm and leave overnight. Watch the skin reaction - getle reddening is normal. If the reddening does not disappear after 24 hours - do not use the product.

First of treatment - apply a thin layer of the BINGOSPA concetrate on the chosem part of the body (the hips, abdomen, outer surfaces of the thighs, the inner surfaces of the knees, buttocks), rinse after 5 minutes.

Second treatment: apply the thin layer of the product in plecea prone to fat storage and wrap the body in foil. Watch the skin reaction carefully you may extend the duration of tretment up to 15 minutes.

Do the following treatments in series of 5, ech treatment every 4-5 days. Gradually extend the duration of the tretments up to 30-35-45 minutes.

A hot bath, sunbathing enhance warming effect - treatments must be carried out at least an hour after swimming or sunbathing.


Product should be avoided by:

  • children and pregnant women,
  • people allergic to any of the components (components especially should be given attention to are: clove oil, cinnamon oil, chilli aroma),
  • people with sensitive and broken capillary skin, people with blood circulation problems.


Capacity: 250g

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