L-carnitină în gel cu ceai verde și cafea verde

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L-carnitine is effective antioxidant. Moreover, it is a compound that plays an active role in removing toxins from the body.  L-carnitine exhibits the ability to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Guarana stimulates microcirculation, reviving and revitalizing the skin.

Green tea is a great source of flavonoids, rich in substances fighting the free radicals. Green tea extract has amazing protective and anti – aging properties, improves blood flow and lowers the risk of allergies.

As a result of physical exertion, the L-carnitine level in the body is reduced, and only the right amount allows to keep the skin in good condition. Therefore, it is recommended to people practicing sports, practicing gym and fitness to use L-carnitine gel BingoSpa after each training, in order to significantly accelerate their performance.

L-carnitine in the BingoSpa gel penetrates directly into the skin, reducing the accumulated subcutaneous adipose tissue.

 How to use:massage the gel in places where adipose tissue  accumulates. Apply in the morning and evening.
For people practicing sports, it is recommended to use the gel after each workout.


Capacity: 250g


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